I love paper. Its color. Its texture. Its weight. Everything about it. I can’t really pinpont when this attraction began – maybe in college at Geneseo while I studied art. Maybe when I worked as a publications editor and couldn’t wait to get brochures delivered from the printer. In any event, I have lots of paper and love to create with it.

Whether I’m stamping or creating solely on the computer or some combination of the two, paper plays a huge role in my design decisions. And I hope the end results show this attention to detail.

My creativity also leans toward jewelry making, painting and interior design (of my own house only!). I pretty much always have projects in some state of completion or near completion. My husband and I are still renovating an 1892 church into our home.

I have a pretty big family – along with my parents, I have 4 brothers and a sister and have 5 nieces and 2 nephews. Most everyone lives in Western New York – my younger brother is in Dallas. I live in North Tonawanda, about 20 minutes north of Buffalo, NY, and 15 minutes south of Niagara Falls, NY (and Canada).

About 12 years ago, I become a dog lover when my husband gave me a puppy for a birthday gift. Big surprise! Especially since I never had a dog and wasn’t really fond of them. Now we have two English Springer Spaniels who are just great. The part of the breed description that is most like them? Exuberant greeters! As all of my family, friends, and unwitting guests quickly find out.

During the day, you’ll find me at my job as a web designer for the University at Buffalo. I also do some freelance web design and development. It’s a great field, always changing with lots to learn! I’m also working on a Master’s in Higher EducationĀ Administration, which I hope to complete by May 2014.

I hope this blog helps inspire you to conquer some of your projects or try something new. Go ahead . . . create!

~ Mary

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Hi Mary,
    I love your site!

  2. Steve Says:

    You are very crafty there on Christiana.
    your little brother.
    love ya

  3. MaryEllen Says:

    Hi Mary, I just read your posts about your dogs. I just am coming off a babysitting stint of my sister’s dog, a Springer named Fenway. He is a sweetie and also didn’t seem to mind rolling or romping over perennials in my garden. Maybe this could be the inspiration for a “pet” themed card or picture frame. Just a thought. Looking forward to the arrival of the new catalog on the first of July. Is there a way I can order one to get it right away?
    Mary Ellen

  4. kcd75 Says:

    That’s great all that you are able to do. Sounds like you have a gift with crafts.


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